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Mothers Clubs Businesses

Barb Grove began Mothers Clubs in Haiti in 1991 in the villages of Pignon on the Central Plateau region of Haiti at the Hopital de Bienfaisance. In 2001 Barb temporaily closed the Haitian program, but re-opened it in 2007 under the in-country administration of Ronel Delva, a U.S. resident of Haitian background. After the tragic earthquake of January 2010 the Mothers Clubs Board of Directors decided to further expand the program to four more areas of rural Haiti. Tens of thousands of Haitians had fled to the countryside to escape the devastation of the earthquake. They had no home, no money, no job, so the need for the Mothers Clubs program was even more acute. The program expanded throughout northern Haiti. Training in the new areas began in June 2010 and will expand as the concept is understood and donated funds become available.

Haiti Member Stories

haiti250Francoise Olibert is a farmer living in Grand Plaine, a small rural town in the northeastern area of Haiti.  “My husband works very hard, but it is not enough to meet the needs of our family.  I was always in debt before Mothers Clubs.  I decided to join to increase our family’s income.  I received a loan and started buying yams from my local area and sell them in Limbe.  Now with the help of Mothers Clubs our kids go to school, I am out of debt, and our life has improved.  Other women like myself have also changed their lives.  I always look forward to make my monthly loan repayment on time”.


Haiti anastalJody Anastal works hard to provide for her family, but it was difficult putting food on the table.  She prays for the day she can make her small farm more productive.  Her prayer was answered, when Mothers Clubs came to the region and offered women like her an opportunity to join the Club.  Now with the help of Mothers Clubs, she rents land to grow yucca to make cassava and is able to go out of the area to sell her product.  Mothers Clubs help her not only to put food on the table, but also has changed her life forever.


BambooTitante Joseph is a bamboo grower, a product used in construction.  Before she joined Mothers Clubs, she could not transport her goods to an area where she could sell them for a maximum profit.  With a sick husband and 5 kids, she is the sole provider for her family. “With a loan of $50, I was able to make a down payment on a horse which I use to transport my bamboo . . . my prayers were answered when Mothers Clubs came to the region and offered small farmers like me to join the Club and through classes I learned how to improve my selling skills.  As a result, my family’s income has increased along with the quality of our lives.  Thank you donors.  I pray your support never stops.”


 Mrs. Terminues sayTerminuess, “I have no words to express what Mothers Clubs has done for my family and me.  After the hurricanes my house was destroyed.  With my loan, I was able to rebuild my house with profit from my business.  With my $50 loan, I was able to buy starch and raw chocolate at wholesale and take them to the city and sell them.  Coming from the city, I then buy other products (fish, matches, 
beauty supplies) needed in the rural area and resell them there.”  Mrs. Terminues used her second loan to increase her business. She also attended classes to learn new techniques to improve her business.  “Mothers Clubs is truly a ‘God send’ to the area,” she says.


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